Thông tin tổng hợp tin tức

Trang thông tin tông hợp tin tức. Cập nhật và tông hợp các tin tức mua bán, công nghệ, sản xuất máy móc công nghệp

Why do expatriate choose living in Saigon

It is normal for people to live in big cities to live. Especially in big cities and developed economy like Ho Chi Minh City. The demand for foreigners here is also higher because of higher employment opportunities than other cities. So how to help foreigners find the right house to rent for living in Saigon? Let’s refer to the following information to know more.


1. Fast internet connection
With the difficulty of accessing the Internet, you can’t deny that the Internet in Saigon very fast and cheap. You can download large files quickly, call Skype or use applications like Javascript-heavy Saas easily.

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2. Standard of living
Saigon is one of the city is easy to live in. If your salary is about 3 – 5 million for a month, you can still live in Saigon even though it is very. And if your salary between 10 and 20 million you can also live comfortably in this city with many quality services.

There are many reasons for expat living in Saigon

If you want a luxury life full of amenities, Saigon can still meet your needs. Compared with other destinations are more people choose to live, living in Saigon is better and more appropriate.

3. Various means of transportation
If you know to ride a motorcycle while in Saigon, it is a tremendous advantage. Compared to other major cities in the vicinity, such as Bangkok, Manila or Bali, traffic jams in Saigon are still better than traffic jams. Even the taxi ride in Saigon is faster because it is basically in Saigon, the motorbikes are more than cars, so the lanes for cars are more open.

4. Higher employment opportunities
The most important thing that many people choose living in Saigon is because of the high employment opportunities. It is easier for foreigners to find higher-paying jobs. You can find a suitable job quickly.

Not only that but especially living in Saigon you have the opportunity to learn and discover many cultural features and delicious dishes.


Which areas in Saigon are many foreigners living?

1. International City in Saigon
Foreigners living in Phu My Hung live in small communities based on their nationality, such as Koreans, Taiwanans, and Europeans… They brought here the lifestyle and culture of their country, building this urban area into an international, multicultural city.

Foreigners choose to live in the downtown area

According to statistics in Phu My Hung, nearly 50% of foreigners living in Ho Chi Minh City are concentrated here

2. Downtown area
You can ignore the downtown area. Many people and foreigners choose to live here because here the best living conditions with many quality services. Especially here the job opportunities are always higher than in other areas.

How to rent house in Saigon?
With the need to find housing, rooms and apartments to live more and more of foreigners in Saigon, you need to find out some experience before choosing to rent.

Currently, the real estate market for investment in apartments for rent from medium to high level is increasingly built by investors, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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Unlike before, the real value of the apartment is no longer the phenomenon of bubbles because of the phenomenon of buying and selling through speculators, but instead bought directly from the project owners.

How to finding a right house to rent for living in Saigon?

The most rented apartments in Ho Chi Minh City are District 2, District 1, District 7, District 4, District 5; In Hanoi are the West Lake District, South and North Tu Liem, Ha Dong, Giang Vo. You just need to identify the areas where many people choose to rent easily find the right apartment for you.

If you don’t have much experience to find the right apartment to rent, then you can rely on the brokerage center. Here you will be consulted in detail how to find the apartment to meet all your needs. But it is important that you choose the most reputable advice.

Once you have the support of the brokerage sites to help you find the right home for you, then go to the apartment to look. You need to carefully examine every detail in the house to see if it matches your rental needs. Also check that the house is damaged or damaged. If all is well then you can talk to the landlord to choose that house to rent.

The advantage of choosing a real estate broker for you is that you won’t have to spend a lot of effort. You just need to set the criteria for renting the rest of the house to find the right home has someone else to help you. This will save you more time and money in choosing rent house in Saigon to live.

One point you have to keep in mind is that you should read the lease carefully before choosing to sign the contract. Only if you and the landlord agree on all the terms of the agreement and then sign.

Here are some tips to help you find the right house to rent for living in Saigon. Please refer to some experiences before choosing to rent a house or apartment in big cities.